Client’s Style Journey

Celeste Strong

Lizane was very professional throughout the whole process, advised me in the different ways that I could wear clothing so that I didn’t look boring anymore, but respected my opinions at the same time. She is so fun to be around I didn’t feel like I was being judged for my poor fashion choices. Lizane has got so much knowledge about fashion and is very passionate about it. Loved spending the time with her.

Hanel’s Style Journey

After two pregnancies I felt and looked exhausted!  I knew it was time for a change.  The thought of a make-over never really appealed to me as the results appeared short lived.  I was however keen to start a journey with a stylist that would take time to get to know me and gently guide me out of my comfort zone and into my new style!

The approach

Lizane was the perfect choice for this!  We started the journey slowly and the floor was always open for choices and suggestions.  I never felt that the change was uncomfortable and the end result was me knowing my personal style and being able to make the correct choices when I dress or shop.

We spend time together and worked on my new wardrobe.  Lizane was always professional and put a lot of planning and preparation into making sure we were prepared for our big shopping trip.  Although the thought of shopping together was quite scary it turned out to be quite fun and cost effective.

I know I look great, but it is no longer the only goal of the change!   The confidence and great feeling that came as a result was fenominal!   It makes me smile and I am so happy with the change.  I can now plan for the day’s look and enjoy many compliments!

The confidence that I go about each day has helped in all my relationships at home, at work and in the community.  Life is fun again and it feels great!

The journey is not over yet, but I have Lizane as my personal stylist and guide, and most of all as a new friend!!

I can recommend Lizane to anybody that wants to feel confident in what they wear!!