Combining Tailored Jacket with Current Trends

As they say all good things comes to those who wait. After a long weekend and nearly the end of another week, you might have thought: “Where is this week’s blog?”. Previously I have mentioned that there are ten essential items every woman needs in her cupboard and I am going to take one item each week and match it with current trends.

This week’s item is the tailored jacket which is an item which can compliment nearly every body type.  There are numerous trends in this session, however, the focus of this post will be centred around knotted tops and floral patterns.  As presented in the pictures, we are going to take a look at four ways to wear the jacket.


Picture 1 demonstrates a classic look which is mixed with another essential item, the striped top. This look will never become outdated, as these items are essential for every woman’s wardrobe and can be worn with basically any clothing item.

We see in Picture 2 that the jacket can be paired with one of this season’s hottest trends – the knotted top. This is a casual look, yet it is very classy.


Picture 3 takes a whole new spin on the jacket, if you want a look that will exhume confidence, combine a floral print jacket with a coloured cami, a pair of jeans and a pair of heels.


Lastly, in Picture 4 we see the jacket with a knot in the sleeve is a gorgeous look which can be worn casual or smart manner.

A jacket is a great tool to provide us with a boost of confidence, it provides a level of professionalism and when styled correctly, it can make you feel like the swan I know you are.

Here’s to stylish week.