Classic In White

I must say I get truly excited about these blogs as I think, no I know that there are some ladies out there who are unsure on how to wear certain type of clothing or if it suits your body type etc.

This week we are looking at the white classic shirt, the word describe it perfectly its classic can be worn casual or dressed up. This is an item that every woman of any age should have in her cupboard.

This item can be dressed with jeans, a skirt, a tailored pants and even a tailored short, which is a hot look especially for the warm summer evening and you can still look stylish. This item is also lovely to accessorize examples a string of pearls, a summer scarf, long necklace or a bulky necklace.

As seen it the picture you can wear this item also in one of this summer’s hottest trends a the knot.

So go on ladies, go purchase this classic item and look hot this summer.

With style