Back to Basics

I was contemplating on what my first blog should be about.  My mind mingled.  Then it dawned on me – Back to Basics.

The Basics are the ten essential items which every lady should have in her closet.  These are the items she can easily mix-and-match, go from day to night and from semi-formal to more elegant without much effort.

The Basics are:

  1. Tailored jacket
  2. White classic shirt 
  3. Stripe shirt
  4. White t-shirt
  5. Black tailored pants
  6. Dark Jeans
  7. Pencil skirt
  8. LTB (Little Black Dress)
  9. Classic pumps
  10. Ballet shoes

In the following ten weeks I will take each item on the list and mix-and-match it with our current spring/summer fashion trends.

I am very excited to share this with you.

With style